What is Steward?

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Steward Information

Did you know that Steward was developed specifically for the Sterling Ranch Community? Several parties have worked together to produce a technology solution that automates and supports your lifestyle in the community. Your smart home will only continue to improve as we continue to put efforts towards software development and other technology initiatives.

Steward can do so much! In case you have not had much time to familiarize yourself with the Steward system we would love to touch on a few things that this interface can do:

  • Control Home Automation Devices – Easily control things like door locks, thermostats, lights and much more.
  • Utilities – Monitor and set budgets for gas, electric and water
  • Built in self-monitoring security – Receive push notifications when motion is detected or a monitored door is opened in your home
  • Community Updates and Notifications – Easily access CAB updates to see what is going on in Sterling Ranch

So how exactly does Steward work? Picture Steward as the pretty face to interact with all of the technology in your home. Steward shows and allows you to control Homeseer which is the smart home hub that controls all of your z-wave devices. Steward also reports all of the utility information that is generated from the Copper Labs hardware in your home. An extensive DSC security system that is included in your home can also be armed/disarmed through Steward. Beyond these things, Steward is capable of much more and be sure to check out our website to learn more:




One cool thing Steward can do – Events

An Event is something programmed into the Steward/Homeseer interface that causes a device to automatically respond to a certain prompt. The best example of this is the homeowners at Sterling Ranch that have their front porch lights turn on at Sunset and turn off at Sunrise. If you would like to set up any of these events yourself please check out the video in this link (skip to 5:34 for event set up):



Would you like to learn more or do you need assistance with your Steward system?

To learn more or for troubleshooting guides go to: https://lumiere.technology/help/

To open a ticket with our team or report a technology issue go to: https://lumiere.technology/open-a-ticket/


Thanks so much for taking the time to read!



Sterling Rach Tech Team