My wireless (WiFi) connection is continuously slow or regularly drops in certain parts of the house

Having problems with your WiFi? Slow WiFi speeds? Frequently dropped WiFi connections?

Start with our troubleshooting guide, or review CenturyLink’s wireless support guide to improve your experience.

Still having WiFi trouble?

If your CenturyLink modem mounted in your basement or garage, you may need to purchase and install an additional wireless router.

  • Email for wireless router recommendations
  • Place the new router in a central location
  • Use an ethernet cable to connect the new router to your CenturyLink modem
  • Use the new router’s admin portal to activate it’s Access Point Mode/Bridge Mode

If you need help purchasing, installing and setting up your wireless access point, we can help. Open a support ticket and a Lumiere technician will guide you out of your wireless woes.