Who should I contact for help with my Internet?

Who should I contact for help with my Internet?

If you are having issues with your internet, start by attempting to troubleshoot the issue using the Internet articles located here on our help site.


If you are unable to fix the problem, we recommend contacting CenturyLink ON support.

  • Phone support is available from 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday by calling 866-872-0238. Note: the CenturyLink ON number is different than the general CenturyLink customer service line.
  • Chat support is available 24/7 at ctlchat.com.

If possible, have your CenturyLink Account Number (PPB Number) ready to provide the agent and let them know you are a CenturyLink ON customer. This will help avoid issues with agents not being able to find your account. You can find your PPB number by signing into your account at centurylink.com/on.

If the service you receive is not up to your standards, please escalate your issue to Lumiere by opening a trouble ticket