Internet Activation Guide

Welcome to the Internet at Sterling Ranch!

Sterling Ranch has partnered with CenturyLink to provide you instant access to the Internet via the CenturyLink ON program. Below are instructions for activating your internet. You can be up and running on the Internet in just a few minutes!

Getting Started

  1. Find your modem – most modems are located in a white structured media box in either the basement or garage
  2. Connect your computer – use the SSID and Password information on the modem to connect a computer to WiFi
  3. Get on the internet – Open your web browser and attempt to navigate to your favorite website, you should be automatically taken to the CenturyLink ON website
  4. Start the sign-up process – Click “Sign Up Now” to start the activation process, check your address on the next page, then click “Get Started”
  5. Follow the prompts – The CenturyLink ON portal will guide you through the rest of the sign-up process, if you have issues, call the CenturyLink ON help number at 866-872-0238

Helpful Tips

  • If you have any questions or concerns about the sign-up process, call the CenturyLink ON help number at 866-872-0238
  • Make sure to write down the CenturyLink ID and Password you create during the sign-up process. This information will allow you to login and manage your account at
  • Note the help number for internet in Sterling Ranch is different than the typical CenturyLink help number that shows up on Google!
  • Save the CenturyLink ON help number (866-872-0238) in your phone in case you need to call CenturyLink for any internet issues in the future

Prism TV

  • If you sign up for Prism TV, the set top boxes will be shipped to your address
  • You should receive your Prism set top boxes within a week of sign-up
  • If your boxes do not arrive, contact CenturyLink using the CenturyLink ON help number at 866-872-0238
  • If you have questions about Prism TV, call the CenturyLink ON help number at 866-872-0238

Update your Wireless Network Name and Password

Lumiere recommends changing your wireless network name and password before setting up your connected devices.

Internet Troubleshooting

  • Internet not working at all? Call the CenturyLink ON help number on your modem
  • For intermittent signal loss and other Wi-Fi related issues, check our knowledge base for troubleshooting tips and tricks


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