I’m using the correct login credentials, but STEWARD can’t connect to my home

I’m using the correct login credentials, but STEWARD can’t connect to my home

Having trouble with your STEWARD system? 
Try these two steps first:

Step 1: Shut down the STEWARD application and re-open it

  1. Click the “Running Apps” button
  2. Swipe the STEWARD app off the screen
  3. Re-open the STEWARD app

Step 2: Check to make sure that STEWARD is connected to the Internet

  1. Open your web browser on your STEWARD tablet
  2. If the Google homepage does not load, your tablet is not connected to the internet
  3. Check to make sure that other devices in your house can connect to the internet
  4. If other devices do not have internet, call CenturyLink at 866-872-0238
  5. If other devices have internet, make sure the bottom two ports on your CenturyLink modem are plugged in to your STEWARD media box

If you are still having trouble after attempting the two steps above, we’ll need to try a few other things:

Check that your Home Server is running properly

  1. Go to the web browser on your STEWARD tablet and navigate to find.homseer.com (this must be done from your STEWARD tablet)
  2. Click search and look for your Home Server to appear
  3. If numbers appear under both “System” and “Maintenance”, then your Home Server is running properly
  4. If nothing shows up under “System Name” when you click search, your system is either powered off or disconnected from your network
  5. If you are unable to restore power/network connection, open a trouble ticket
  6. If numbers appear under “Maintenance” but not “System”, click on the number under “Maintenance”
  7. Click on the “Reinstall HomeSeer” button
  8. On the next page click on the “Latest Version” button. This will cause your Home Server to reset which may take several minutes. Don’t worry – it will not delete any of your devices
  9. Once the Home Server has restarted try going back to or reloading the http://find.homeseer.com/findhomeseer/ webpage. If there are now IP addresses shown in both the “System” and “Maintenance” columns then the Home Server has successfully been restarted
  10. Click on the IP address under the “System” column to launch the Home Server web page
  11. Once the web page loads click on the “Plug-Ins” menu and choose the “Manage” dropdown
  12. If any of your plug-ins are disabled then click on the toggle under the “Enable” column to turn each one on

If you’re still having trouble, let’s open a support ticket.