I don’t know my login credentials

That’s not good! Lets take a quick second to see if we can find them. During your closing walkthrough, you should have been provided with a default Home Server ID and Home Server Password. Look for a blue folder likely stored with the rest of your closing walkthrough documents. There should be a document labeled STEWARD System Information.

Once located, try using the Home Server ID and Home Server Password to log into your STEWARD App.

If you can’t find the blue folder:

That’s okay – open a support ticket and let us know we need to send your credentials.

If you found the blue folder, but your credentials didn’t work:

Well, darn. Let’s make sure we gave you the right credentials. Open a support ticket and let us know the credentials we provided don’t seem to be working. In the meantime, you may find success troubleshooting your connection to STEWARD.