How do I connect devices to STEWARD?

How do I connect devices to STEWARD?

Connecting to Google Home and Amazon Alexa


Use your Google Home app or Amazon Alexa app to connect your STEWARD devices to hands-free voice control

Adding a Z-Wave Device

To add a z-wave device to your STEWARD home automation system, first log in to your HomeSeer portal (the back end of STEWARD)

  1. Go to your tablet
  2. Open the internet browser on the tablet
  3. Navigate to
  4. Click search
  5. Click on the numbers beneath “System”
  6. You are now in the back end

Next, add the device to your system

  1. From the back end web interface, use the pull down menus to navigate to the Z-Wave Controller Management page (PLUG-INS > Z-Wave > Controller Management).
  2. Locate the “Z-Wave Interfaces” area and expand your Z-Wave Controller section.
  3. Open the “Actions:” menu and choose “Add/Include a Node”.
  4. Click the ‘Start’ button below the Actions menu. Your HomeSeer is now in Add mode and is ready to communicate with your device.
  5. Activate your z-wave device and observe the adding process in the green log window
  6. When done, you’ll receive an acknowledgement such as “Finished.”

Finally, rename and categorize the device


  1. Click on Home in the navigation menu in the HomeSeer portal
  2. Find the device you just added (you may have to adjust your device filters)
  3. Click on the Device Name
  4. Modify your device settings and click Done
  5. Close out of your STEWARD app and start it back up -> your new device should now be displayed


Looking for more DIY support?

Your STEWARD system is based on the HomeSeer HomeTroller SEL home automation hub. You will need to access the HomeSeer interface in order to perform most advanced functions such as adding new devices and programming scenes. You can do this by going to your tablet, opening your browser, and typing into your address bar. Alternatively, you can use another device and log into your system remotely by going to Below are some great resources for learning more about HomeSeer and all of its capabilities.

Works With HomeSeer

Below is a link to information from HomeSeer about all the devices and programs the HomeSeer interface works with.

Keep in mind that some devices that work with HomeSeer may not display properly in your STEWARD app. Here is a list of products that have been verified to work with STEWARD and HomeSeer.

STEWARD Compatible Product List

HomeSeer YouTube Channel

Below is a link to HomeSeer’s official YouTube channel. Here you will find lots of great videos on how to perform various actions with your HomeSeer.

HomeSeer Support Page

Below is a link to HomeSeer’s support page. Here you will find links to HomeSeer’s knowledge base, community forums, how to’s, and more.