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Sterling Ranch Technology — Here’s What You Can Expect Sterling Ranch is a 21st Century community. When you move in you can expect high-speed one gig internet, smart home automation technology and support from the Lumiere team to get your home set up. Sterling Ranch is a Truly 21st Century Community — Part 2: Future-Proofing…

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Who should I contact for help with my Internet?

If you are having issues with your internet, start by attempting to troubleshoot the issue using the Internet articles located here on our help site If you are unable to fix the problem, contact CenturyLink ON at 866-872-0238 and let them know you live in Sterling Ranch Note: this number is different than the general…

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Should I ever factory reset my CenturyLink provided modem?

NO! DO NOT factory reset the modem provided to you by CenturyLink  – doing so wipes out critical information needed for your modem to function properly and you will be charged for the cost of restoring this information Factory resetting is different than power cycling your modem. Power cycling your modem (turning it off and…

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What should the lights on my modem look like?

If your internet is working properly, your lights should look as follows: Power light – solid green Broadband light – solid green Service light – flashing green Wi-Fi lights – flashing green Ethernet lights – flashing green

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My Prism TV seems slow or glitchy

Make sure the ethernet cable that is powering your Prism box is connected to Port 3 of the modem in your basement. Port 3 is specially configured to work with Prism TV.

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