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Looking to DIY? Your STEWARD system is based on the HomeSeer HomeTroller SEL home automation hub. You will need to access the HomeSeer interface in order to perform most advanced functions such as adding new devices and programming scenes. You can do this by going to your tablet, opening your browser, and typing into…

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How to resolve most STEWARD-related issues

Having trouble with your STEWARD system? Try these two steps first: Step 1: Shut down the STEWARD application and re-open it Click the “Running Apps” button Swipe the STEWARD app off the screen Re-open the STEWARD app Step 2: Double and triple check the username and password you are entering is correct Step 3: Check to…

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My login credentials don’t work – I can’t log in to STEWARD

Double and triple check that you are entering your credentials correctly – the most common reason for credentials not working is simply mis-typing them! Have your credentials ever worked in the past for either you or someone else in your family? If yes, let’s troubleshoot your STEWARD system. If no, try deleting and reinstalling the…

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I don’t know my login credentials

That’s not good! Lets take a quick second to see if we can find them. During your closing walkthrough, you should have been provided with a default Home Server ID and Home Server Password. Look for a blue folder likely stored with the rest of your closing walkthrough documents. There should be a document labeled…

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