Rachio Video Gallery

Rachio Video Gallery

How to Get Started with Your Rachio

Learn how to get started with your Rachio — a smart home technology, environmentally friendly irrigation system controller — to optimize your watering schedule based on local weather conditions to save both water and money, share access with your landscaper for easy, remote adjustments without needing to set up an appointment and more.

Basic setup is already done for you. Download the Rachio app in the App Store and login using the instructions included in your welcome packet to get started.

Meet Lumiere — Sterling Ranch’s Technology Partner

Meet Lumiere, the proud technology provider for Sterling Ranch. Lumiere is dedicated to providing the best technology experience to Sterling Ranch residents by consulting with Sterling Ranch on smart devices, installation of the physical fiber network that delivers internet to Sterling Ranch

How to Troubleshoot Your Rachio

Learn how to troubleshoot issues with your Rachio, get technology support and submit inquiries while keeping you and the Sterling Ranch team safe during COVID-19.