Removing Z-Wave Devices

To remove a z-wave device, follow the following steps.

You must be logged into HomeSeer to add a device to your smart home. (Need help logging in? Click here)

In the ribbon underneath the top banner, hover over Plugins, then Z-Wave then select Controller Management.

This will bring you to a new page. On this page, click the yellow arrow next to Name: SmartStick in the Z-Wave Interfaces section.  This will expand the window/section.

From here, you will select Remove/Exclude a Node from the Actions drop down.

Then click Start.

Finally, put the z-wave device you are adding into pairing mode.  See device instructions for this step.  It can be different for every type of device.  For light switches, simply toggle the switch to enter pairing mode.

You should start to see operational messages in the green box stating that your system and device are pairing.  You will then see a successful message at the bottom.  If you receive an error message, attempt the process again.

Your device has successfully paired with your HomeSeer system.  You can now see your device in your Steward app.