My wireless (Wi-Fi) connection is continuously slow or regularly drops in certain parts of the house

How Can We Help?

Have problems with your Wi-Fi? Slow Wi-Fi speeds? Frequently dropped Wi-Fi connections?

Start with our troubleshooting guide, or review Quantum Fiber’s wireless support guide to improve your experience.

Still having Wi-Fi trouble?

If your only Wi-Fi device is the Quantum Fiber modem mounted in your basement or garage, you may need to purchase and install an additional wireless access point or mesh Wi-Fi system.

  • Place the new wireless access point or mesh Wi-Fi hub in a central location
  • Use an ethernet cable to connect the new wireless access point to your Quantum Fiber modem
  • Use the new wireless access point’s admin portal to activate it’s Access Point Mode/Bridge Mode

If you need help purchasing, installing, and setting up your wireless access point, we can help. Open a support ticket and a Lumiere technician will guide you out of your wireless woes.