How do I update my home automation system passwords?

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How do I update my home automation system passwords?

After you move in, we recommend changing your login information. Keep track of your updated login information in a safe place since we will not be able to help recover updated login information.

Update your Wireless (WiFi) Network Name and Password

Below are instructions for updating your SSID name (wireless network name) and key/passphrase.

  1. Find your modem – most modems are located in a white structured media box in either the basement or garage
  2. Connect your computer – use the SSID and Password information on the modem to connect a computer to WiFi
  3. Log into your admin portal – open your web browser, type the GUI Address on the modem into your address bar. Use the Admin Username and Admin Password on the modem to log into the admin portal
  4. Change your SSID (wireless network name) – click on Wireless Setup -> SSID Setup
    • Step 1. Select SSID3 using the dropdown
    • Step 2. Select Broadcast SSID
    • Step 3. Type in your desired SSID network name (ex. SRInternet)
    • Step 4. Click Apply
  5. Change your Key/Passphrase – click on Wireless Security
    • Step 1. Select the SSID you just created using the dropdown
    • Skip steps 2 & 3 and move to step 4
    • Step 4. Select Use Custome Security Key/Passphrase then type in your desired password
    • Step 5. Click Apply
  6. Repeat for your 5 GHz network – select 5 GHz in the menu near the top left of the page and repeat the same steps as above.
    • We recommend naming your 5 GHz network the same as your 2.4 GHz network with a 5G at the end to distinguish the two networks (ex. SRInternet-5G)
    • Connecting to your 5G signal will provide faster WiFi speeds to most devices but some devices are not compatible with 5G
  7. Test your new SSID and password – attempt to connect your phone to the 5G network you just created and confirm your connection

Check the Quantum Fiber website for more detailed instructions including pictures:


The STEWARD log in process is a two step process. The first step involves logging in to the STEWARD application. The second step involves connecting your STEWARD application to your Home Server (the brains of your home automation system).

By default, your STEWARD application and Home Server user emails and passwords are the same. These two logins do not need to stay the same as each other. Everyone in the family can have their own STEWARD application login. However, your family will only have one Home Server login/home connection settings. For new downloads of the STEWARD app, you can easily create a new STEWARD application user during your first log in.

To change an existing STEWARD app password:

  1. Open your STEWARD app and navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Set Server Credentials, then click log out
  2. Type in your User Email and press enter/return on your touch screen keyboard
  3. Click Forgot Password then Send Reset Password Email
  4. An email will be sent to your User Email
    • Your default account is linked to a email account from BlueMail, the BlueMail app is installed on your STEWARD tablet
    • Open the BlueMail app on your STEWARD tablet, find the reset password email and finish the reset process
  5. Open the STEWARD app and log in with your new credentials (Menu -> Settings -> Set Server Credentials)

To change your Home Server password:

  1. Go to your STEWARD tablet, open the web browser, and navigate to
  2. Click search, a number should pop up underneath System
  3. Click on the number underneath System to access your Home Server account
  4. Use the drop down menus to go to Tools -> System -> Change System Password
  5. Enter and confirm your new password
  6. Changing this password will cause STEWARD to lose connection with your Home Server
  7. You will need to update your Home Connection Settings within STEWARD to reconnect (Menu -> Settings -> Set Server Credentials)
  8. If you have linked your Home Server to other accounts such as an Amazon Alexa account or a Google Home account, you will need to update the Home Server credentials in those apps as well


The Rachio irrigation controller has an Android/IOS application that is free to download from the app store. Once you download the app, instructions for updating your password are available on the Rachio website:

Security Keypad

The instructions for changing your Security Code on the DSC Security Keypad are as follows:

  1. Locate your DSC Security Keypad and open the front flap to expose a set of buttons
  2. Enter # repeatedly until you are on the home screen
  3. Enter *5
  4. Enter the current Master Access Code
  5. Enter 40
  6. Enter the new Master Access Code
  7. Enter #
  8. The keypad will give you a short beep to confirm