Scene/Event Creation for Steward

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Scene/Event Creation for Steward

Looking to setup scenes for your smart lights?

You have come to the right place! We have provided a simple guide to assist Homeowners like yourself, to set up scene creation for the smart technology in your home. If you aren’t already familiar with what a scene is, it is simply a set of directions for the smart devices to perform under a given condition.

For example if you would like your front porch light to turn off at Sunrise and turn on at Sunset automatically, you would create a scene to do this.


Your STEWARD system is based on the HomeSeer home automation hub. You will need to access the HomeSeer interface in order to perform most advanced functions such as adding new devices and programming scenes.

First you will need to login into

You will see a login page that looks like this.

Sign In with your STEWARD Credentials, these are the same credentials you would use to sign into the STEWARD App.

Once signed in you will see many things you may not have seen before, as well as things you’re familiar with such as your smart devices.

In the Menu Bar of the HomeSeer webpage click on Events to get started.


Here is where the magic happens, the screen may appear empty and blank and that’s okay, as we will start the first steps to create the scenes.

Select the Plus Icon to create a group,

You will receive a Popup asking you to name the Group, you can name it whatever you like, in our example we will name the group Porch Lights.

Hit Save and you will see your newly created group,

Next we will want to expand this group and begin to add some logic to it. On the Right Side of the group, select the down arrow.

You will see that a new event has been created for you.

Click on this event to Edit it.

The event follows a logic called IFTT which is short for If That Then This,

Starting with IF we will click on the Edit icon,

We will select the dropdown for Trigger and change this to The Time Is,

This event will be responsible for turning off the light in the morning, so in the Trigger Type dropdown we will select The Time is Sunrise,

Then we will save our changes.

Now we will set up the device to be controlled when it is Sunrise, to do this, under THEN select choose action, we will click Control a Device,

Within the Add Device dropdown we will select our Front Porch Light Switch,

Under the Control dropdown we will select Off

Save the changes and the scene creation is already halfway finished.

One final step in the process is to give our new event a proper name, to do this we will select Edit Event to the right of the event name,

Give it a meaning full name like PorchLight Off and hit save.

Once saved click on Porch Lights to go back to the Group section,

Here we will click the second plus button to create a New Event,

Give the Event a meaning name like PorchLight On,

Just Like Before we will Edit the IF to The Time Is,

For the Trigger Type we will select The Time is SunSet, 

Save and the within the THEN, we will select Control a Device, Select the Front Porch Lights and under Control we will set this to ON,

Save the changes, you’re all set!

The events will be enabled by default so you should see it working that evening or the following morning depending on when it was programmed.

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As we have demonstrated in this guide, Homeseer can be used to automate most if not all tasks regarding your smart devices, the possibilities are endless. We encourage you to check out our additional DIY Resources page, to further understand what you can do with your smart home.


If you ever run into any issues with using Steward, check out our Steward Help section to find the answer to your issue.