Getting Started with STEWARD

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The STEWARD system is an all-in-one home automation, home security, and utilities monitoring system that is available only to Sterling Ranch residents at this time. Each home at Sterling Ranch has the STEWARD system installed during the construction process.

Your STEWARD system comes standard with the following features:

      • Real time, hourly & monthly reporting of your natural gas, electric & water usage
      • A Rachio smart irrigation controller configured to water your lawn efficiently
      • A DSC home security system that is connected to the STEWARD system
      • Automated lighting and HVAC controls
      • Connection to the Sterling Ranch Community to keep you informed about what’s happening around the neighborhood!


Learn how to set up your STEWARD home automation system through the STEWARD Home Automation app to remotely control the connected devices in your home.

How does STEWARD work?

The STEWARD application runs on a touch screen in your home or on your mobile device and works with the Home Analytics Automation Management Server (Home Server) that is installed inside the tech panel in your utility room (usually next to your fiber modem). The Home Server runs a home automation software and is the central point in the system that directs all communication within the STEWARD system to the right place. The STEWARD application communicates to the Home Server using the internet and therefore requires a working internet connection.

How is my STEWARD system secured?

All internet communications to and from the Home Server are HTTPS encrypted and require the correct Home Server ID & Home Server Password to view or control anything connected to your system. Anyone attempting to access your Home Server through the internet without your Home Server ID & Password will be rejected.

How do I get the STEWARD Mobile App?

The STEWARD app is compatible with both IOS and Android devices. You can find it on the app store by searching for “STEWARD Home Automation” or by following these links:



How do I connect to STEWARD?

When you first connect to your STEWARD system on a new device you will have to establish the connection to your Home Server by using the STEWARD credentials given to you at home closing. When you open the app for the first time click “add new connection” and type in your credentials. The home server connection settings are specific to your house and are the same for every family member. After the first login on a new device the STEWARD application will remember your Home Server settings.

Set your Home Server Connection Settings

If you are using this device for the first time or if your home connection settings have been deleted the STEWARD application will alert you that no home connection was detected:

Click on the “Add Home Connection” button and to set your home connection settings using the credentials given to you at closing. If you did not receive these click here.

You are now connected to your Home Server and can start using STEWARD! The STEWARD application will now take you to the home screen.

What Else Can STEWARD Do?

There are plenty of upgrade options that can be added to your STEWARD system! Here is a list of some of the most popular upgrades:

  • Voice control of the devices connected to STEWARD through the Amazon Echo and Google Home
  • Smart Z-Wave compatible thermostats like Honeywell
  • Lighting control for every room of your home
  • Distributed audio and video systems customized for your home
  • Automated door locks and garage door controllers
  • Customizable timing scenes

Ex – All Lights: Turn on or off all the lights in your house with the click of one button

Ex – Bedtime Scene: Lock the doors, close the garage, set the thermostat & turn off all the lights

Are you setting up your home automation system for the first time?

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