Getting Started with Rachio

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Getting Started with Rachio


For most homes in Sterling Ranch, a Rachio account has already been set up and connected.

Upon move-in, you will need to verify your Rachio is running a watering schedule for your existing landscape:

  • Download the Rachio app to your mobile device and log in to the app
  • Log in using the username and password provided at your closing walk-through
  • If that login info does not work, open a support ticket
  • Go to the Schedule tab and make sure a schedule is running on your device
  • If not, contact your builder and ask them to have their landscaper reach out to you to establish a schedule


Set up a Watering Schedule

Learn more about setting up a custom watering schedule with your Rachio Irrigation Controller. This link will take you directly to Rachio’s support website, which has articles as well as access to a support chat


Optimize Your Controller

Rachio is equipped with several intelligence features that allow the system to automatically adapt your schedule to local weather conditions. Once your landscaping’s 45-day establishment period is completed, make sure that these features are enabled in your app settings to adopt a data-based approach to watering for you home and save money!

To enable Weather Intelligence features on the Rachio web app:

  • Go to the Schedule tab on the side of your screen
  • Click on any of your created schedules
  • Go to Cycle and Soak and make sure that Smart Cycle is enabled to prevent water loss from runoff
  • Go to Weather Intelligence and enable the listed features to allow your controller to adjust to local weather conditions.
  • Repeat this process for each of your schedules

To enable Weather Intelligence features on the Rachio mobile app:

  • Navigate to Irrigation on the bottom control bar
  • Go to the Schedule tab at the top of your screen
  • Follow the same steps as above with each of your schedules

If you want to learn more about Rachio’s Weather Intelligence features, you can find additional information on their Weather Intelligence support page


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