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The Copper Labs Energy Monitoring System is being installed in every home within Sterling Ranch. This system provides near real time feedback to residents regarding their electricity, gas, and water usage. For residents with solar systems installed on their properties, data regarding solar generation is provided as well.

View more information on the Copper Labs website:

Important: Make Sure You Stay Connected!

Copper transmits water billing data via your WiFi system, so make sure to update your Copper account if you change your WiFi name or password. If your device becomes disconnected, the CAB will have to manually read your water meter which will result in an additional fee.


App Installation Instructions

In order to access the information provided by the Copper Labs system, download and install the Copper Labs Energy Monitoring app on your mobile device by searching for “Copper Labs” in your app store.

After you download the Copper Labs Energy Monitoring app on a new device, follow the steps below to get started:

  • Find your Copper Labs User Email Address
    • Look for a Copper Labs handout listing this email address
      • This should have been provided to you in a blue folder during your closing walkthrough or during your water communication retrofit
    • If you cannot find the handout, look for the BlueMail app on the the tablet provided with your home and enter the email address listed there
    • If you cannot find this email address, submit a support ticket using the link at the bottom of this page
  • Within the app, enter your Copper Labs User Email
    • A special one-time PIN code will be sent to the Copper Labs User Email for confirmation
  • Open your Copper Labs User Email account and find the email with the PIN code
    • Open the tablet provided to you with your home
    • Find and open the BlueMail app installed on the tablet to find the email with the PIN code
  • Enter the PIN code into the Copper Labs app to activate it
  • Make sure to turn on notifications to periodically receive tips on how to conserve energy and water from your community!

You should now be up and running with your Copper Labs app. If you would like to add your personal email and/or more users, go to settings, add user.


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