The Backbone of Sterling Ranch Technology Systems

We're committed to stewarding the land and its resources, while offering the most advanced SMART Home Technology infrastructure available.

A fiber-optic network designed by IBM and Siemens serves as the backbone to the systems running underground. These systems provide important services to the community by managing water, energy and more. They also serve to deliver and maintain the sustainability measures of the community.

Sterling Ranch is committed to stewardship of the land and its resources. This stewardship also benefits residents. Such as easy-to-understand data on your indoor and outdoor water use provided by a dual-water metering system in each home. Further instilling conscious stewardship, WaterSense® certified irrigation controllers inform residents when their outdoor water usage exceeds recommended levels for landscaping maintenance. You now have the opportunity to monitor your usage and make informed decisions that can save you money. The same can be done with your home’s energy consumption.

Beyond giving homeowners stats on their water usage, the intelligent infrastructure systems underground enable remote water shut-off in the event of a water main breaking or other emergencies.

Thousands of gallons of wasted water will be saved, and there’s no guesswork in how much your water bill will be this month – it’s all easy to manage.

With each household doing its part, we’re securing a sustainable and technologically-advanced future for the whole of Sterling Ranch.

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