Gig Fiber Internet from CenturyLink

Sterling Ranch is the first all gigabit community in Colorado, with a fiber-optic network that delivers fiber to every home.

Whether you work from home or share bandwidth with the whole family, you’ll never get stuck waiting. There’s enough bandwidth for you to use technology as much – or as little – as you want. Gigabit is just the start. As residential bandwidth requirements increase, we can offer faster speeds with the infrastructure we already have in place.

CenturyLink ON Partnership

Lumiere has partnered with the CenturyLink ON program to deliver this powerful gig internet service to every home in Sterling Ranch. Gigabit per second speeds are included with your service, along with one wireless access point. The CenturyLink ON program benefits customers by providing a free modem, streamlined account activation, and dedicated customer service. Residents have the opportunity to add on Prism® TV and other CenturyLink services at an additional charge.

Why Fiber Internet?

Fiber Internet is fast and built to last. Unlike traditional Internet infrastructure, Fiber Internet can accommodate faster speeds as technology improves, increasing the long term value of your home! CenturyLink’s fiber network is so fast, the possibilities are nearly endless.

With Gig Fiber Internet, you can:

  • Upload and download at symmetrical Gig speeds
  • More than enough bandwidth to connect an array of devices for home automation
  • Connect all your devices to ridiculously fast in-home WiFi with a wireless access point included*
  • Download any full-length HD movie in under 6 seconds
  • Stream your favorite movies and shows on multiple devices at the same time, without buffering
  • Stream your favorite Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime content on all your devices.**
  • Video chat with friends and family with virtually no lag.
  • Opt-in to share home utility data to see your home’s environmental impact in real-time
  • Connected infrastructure to deliver and maintain Sterling Ranch’s sustainable approach today and into tomorrow.

Technical Support For Sterling Ranch Residents

Once you move in, help is always available. Call for help via the phone number posted on your modem, or come back to this website and visit our knowledge base.

*Fiber Internet alone can’t guarantee a great WiFi experience. You will also need one wireless access point for every 1,500 square feet of your home. This means you may have to purchase additional wireless access points.

**Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime streaming memberships required.

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