DSC Security System

Security represents a strong part of the overall peace of mind that thrives within Sterling Ranch.

Sophisticated systems enable 24/7 comprehensive security communications in the home, throughout its immediate surroundings, and throughout the community too. Every home comes equipped with a Security System by DSC, a world leader in electronic security. Your security system is tightly integrated with your STEWARD Start Home Automation System, so you can monitor and control it from your home, or anywhere in the world.

Among other upgrade options, the integrated security system can be upgraded with interior and exterior cameras, automated door locks and motion sensors. The DSC Security System works locally from the DSC Keypad installed in each home and remotely from the STEWARD app.

About Security Monitoring

The security system that comes with each home in Sterling Ranch is unmonitored. An unmonitored security system can alert you via phone or the STEWARD control panel—or both—if there’s a break-in or any other incident. You can then choose how to respond. An unmonitored system does cost less, however, it is also less secure.

With a monitored security system you don't have to worry about monitoring your home's security system yourself. Alerts are sent to a central monitoring station and if something goes wrong, someone at your monitoring center will respond and alert emergency services if needed. Monitored systems are more secure and more hands-off, though they do cost more, typically in the form of a monthly fee. Contact our support team for help choosing a 24/7 monitoring provider before or after you move into your Sterling Ranch home.

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