Copper Labs

Did you know that Copper Labs is headquartered in Boulder, CO? Over the years Sterling Ranch and its partners have been working hard to implement technology that betters our world. From rain water harvesting projects to utility equipment in every home, Sterling Ranch wants what is best for homeowners and the environmental community at Sterling…

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DSC Security at Sterling Ranch

Every home in Sterling Ranch comes equipped with a DSC security system to help keep you and your family safe. That means you have a working security system from the minute you move into your home!   A few things to note about your DSC Security System… Your DSC Security System is unmonitored when you…

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What is Steward?

If you miss/missed the live webinar, the recorded version will be posted on our website at:   Steward Information Did you know that Steward was developed specifically for the Sterling Ranch Community? Several parties have worked together to produce a technology solution that automates and supports your lifestyle in the community. Your smart home…

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Technology Support Warranty

Full year of free smart home technology support: Did you know that each Sterling Ranch homeowner receives one year of complimentary smart home technology support when they purchase a home from a builder at Sterling Ranch? This industry leading free support period gives you time to get familiar with the technology that comes with your…

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