Extended Service

Extended Service now available at Sterling Ranch!

Read through the details below to learn more about the extended technology service offered at Sterling Ranch. If you would like the contract for extended service sent to you submit a ticket here and we will send it your way!


Inclusions Under the Extended Service Agreement

One of the biggest benefits of the Extended Service Agreement is you will continue to receive in person troubleshooting! Our technicians will continue to come to your home to troubleshoot the following pieces of technology:

  • Steward Smart Home System
    • Homeseer offline and Steward connection errors
    • Z-wave devices disconnecting or needing to be pulled into Steward/Homeseer
    • Copper Labs Devices pulling into Steward
    • Event Creation (ex. Porch lights on at Sunset, off at Sunrise)
    • Incorrect Credential Troubleshooting
    • Continuing education of the Steward platform and updates to that platform
  • Rachio Smart Sprinkler System
    • Rachio Offline
    • Continuing education of the Rachio system
  • Copper Labs
    • Troubleshooting of the Copper Labs “Disconnected” status
    • Copper Labs pulling into Steward
    • Continuing education of the Copper Labs platform in the Copper App and the Steward App
  • DSC Security System
    • Continuing education of the DSC interface within Steward
    • Providing information to homeowners on changing the passcode and other DSC customizations
  • Hardware troubleshooting
    • Wall mounted tablet and Amazon Fire 10 tablet that was included in the purchase of the home
    • Eero troubleshooting and escalation
    • Network connections to all smart home devices


Exclusions Under the Extended Service Contract

There are components of technology in the home that are not covered under the Extended Service Agreement. This is not a complete list. Troubleshooting or service on third-party hardware purchased by a Homeowner outside of the Siemens Residential Technology Package will not be covered by this Agreement. No hardware repairs, replacement, or other expenses will be covered under this Agreement. Below is a list of examples of services that are excluded under the Agreement:

  • Replacement, installation, and configuration of any replacement hardware
    • Includes hardware repair or replacement of any component of the Siemen’s Residential Technology Package
  • Installation and configuration of any homeowner provided hardware
    • Anything the homeowner purchases after moving into their home – Televisions, additional smart home technology, computers, printers, networking gear, VPNs, satellite dish, VOIP, additional wireless routers, etc.
  • Builder provided items
    • Technology prewire
    • Networking gear – WAPS, network switches, networking cable, etc.
    • Apps and 3rd party hardware that a homebuilder chooses to include outside of the Siemen’s Residential Technology Package
  • CenturyLink hardware and performance issues – Internet, Home Phone, Prism
    • Poor WiFi speeds
    • No internet coming into or out of the CenturyLink modem/router


Fees for Out of Warranty Service

One time – $75

For a one time fee we will send out a technician to spend up to an hour troubleshooting any issues with your technology.

Subscription – $15/month

For the subscription service, you will have access to in person troubleshooting for the entire length of the contract. You will continue to receive the same service that you have been receiving from the technology service team.

For the full contract submit a ticket and we will send it to you!