My tablet is slow or frozen

  1. My wall-mounted STEWARD tablet

    My tablet is slow or frozen

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  2. My tablet is slow or frozen

    Slow tablets are no fun. Maybe we can get it running more smoothly.

    The STEWARD tablet works best when only running one app at a time. Press the square button at the bottom of the screen to display all open apps and close out of any running in the background.


    If swiping out of background apps didn’t help, let’s begin by restarting the tablet:

    1. Run your fingers along the bottom backside of the tablet from right to left. The first button you feel is the power button.
    2. Hold that power button down until you either see the option to restart or the tablet turns off
    3. If your tablet does not come back on after a few seconds, hold the power button down again to turn it back on Give the tablet a few seconds to warm up, then play with it a little bit

    Is your tablet working better now?