Additional Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Additional Troubleshooting Steps

    Hmmm, sounds like something wonky is going on.

    1. Double check any Wi-Fi extenders or mesh Wi-Fi devices you are using to make sure they all appear plugged in and functional.
    2. Try connecting using a different computer or phone to make sure the problem is not with your device.
    3. Try the troubleshooting steps on CenturyLink’s website at


    If you still cannot figure out what is going on, we recommend contacting CenturyLink ON support. Phone support is available from 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday by calling 866-872-0238. Chat support is available 24/7 at

    If possible, have your CenturyLink Account Number (PPB Number) ready to provide the agent and let them know you are a CenturyLink ON customer. This will help avoid issues with agents not being able to find your account. You can find your PPB number by signing into your account at