Internet light is completely OFF

  1. Internet light is completely OFF

    If your Internet light is completely off or red (blinking or flashing green is OK), but your WAN/GPON light is on, this indicates an issue with your digital connection from your home’s router to the broader Internet.

    • Call the CenturyLink ON Helpline at 866-872-0238 or open a chat with CenturyLink support at – Phone support is available Mon – Fri 8 AM – 8 PM, chat is available 24/7
    • Make sure to record your help ticket number from CenturyLink

    If possible, have your CenturyLink Account Number (PPB Number) ready to provide the agent and let them know you are a CenturyLink ON customer. This will help avoid issues with agents not being able to find your account. You can find your PPB number by signing into your account at

    If CenturyLink is unable to resolve your issue, open a trouble ticket with Lumiere and include your help ticket number from CenturyLink.