Connection Screenshots

  1. Check for App

    Yep, Found it

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  2. Check Setup

    Copper is asking me to sign in

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  3. Login

    Retrieve Pin

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  4. Pin Retrieval

    Login successful

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  5. Connect Copper


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  6. Connection Screenshots

    Step 1. Open the Copper App and click the menu button

    Step 2. Click the cog button next to your home address

    Step 3. Click “Reconnect to Wi-Fi”, “New Device”, or the pencil depending on which version you have installed

    Step 4. Follow the steps within the app to reconnect your devices (Note: If you are having trouble reconnecting Copper, make sure you are connecting the Copper devices to a network with 2.4GHz capabilities)

    Step 5. Be sure to complete the process from START to FINISH for BOTH Gateways. Do not exit prior to completion or the process will fail.

    Double check both of your Copper devices plugged into the wall. If the indicator lights are white/light blue, you have successfully reconnected your Copper devices. If one or both Copper devices’ lights are red, please try the connection process again.

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