Copper Labs Energy Monitoring

Did you know that Copper Labs is headquartered in Boulder, CO? Over the years Sterling Ranch and its partners have been working hard to implement technology that betters our world. From rain water harvesting projects to utility equipment in every home, Sterling Ranch wants what is best for homeowners and the environmental community at Sterling Ranch. Copper Labs is the most cutting edge residential utility monitoring equipment available and it is included in your home!

All 3 utility types are monitored in Copper Labs. This includes:

  • Water –  Usage - Indoor and outdoor
  • Electric – Usage and solar generation (If applicable to your home)
  • Gas - Usage

So how exactly does Copper Labs work? Copper labs captures the same radio frequencies that utility companies use for billing. On the side of your home you will see equipment for your utilities. You may even see the meter on this equipment. This meter tracks your usage and periodically sends out a signal to an Xcel Energy hub or truck that is driving by. Once this signal is received, Excel takes that data and translates it to come up with your billing statement. Copper Labs captures that same frequency that is being sent out so that you have extremely accurate information for utility usage and projections.


How to download the Copper Labs App:

Make sure you download the Copper Labs app on your mobile device to see all of the up-to-date utility information for your home. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the App store or Google play store and download the “Copper Home Energy Monitoring” app
  2. Open the app and input the same email you use for your Steward System (ex.
  3. Retrieve the pin code – This will be sent to the mail app either on your wall mounted tablet or the Amazon Fire 10 tablet you received at closing
  4. Input the pin code and see all of your home's utility information
  5. Enable notifications to learn about Xcel energy programs and receive energy-saving tips right to your mobile device!


If you have any issues in this process, open a ticket with our team at:


Thanks so much for taking the time to read!



Sterling Rach Tech Team