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Smart Homes at Scale
Solutions for Master-Planned Communities

Developers need better financial returns.

That’s the hard truth. (But you already knew that.)

Developing a sustainable master-planned community is a complex undertaking — one that, with each passing year, grows even more complicated. The deadlines. The regulations. The pressure to sell. The dozens if not hundreds of contractors vying for your time and attention. And most pressing of all, the increasingly small margins.

Oh, and did we mention the demand for blazing-fast internet and sustainable smart homes?

Developing the infrastructure, attracting the best home builders, and providing exceptional technology support to home buyers. It’s complicated. And patchwork solutions from multiple providers only adds to the chaos.

That’s why we’ve created a turnkey solution for sustainable smart-home execution that simplifies the process from A to Z.

Introducing Smart Homes at Scale

There’s a better way to build a forward-looking, sustainable community of smart homes and improve your financial returns. One that serves the developer on the front-end, the homeowner on the back-end, and offers solutions to the environmental challenges facing our planet.

Our Smart Homes at Scale program is designed for busy, sustainability-minded developers. The program is structured to increase your financial returns by increasing homebuyer demand for your community, all while giving you more time to focus on what you do best. We’ll take the lead on planning and turnkey execution of your fiber internet infrastructure, smart home tech, and sustainability programs so you don’t have to.

Bottom Line: Our custom solutions will improve your internal rate of return (IRR).

How does the Smart Homes at Scale program increase IRR?

An effective way to increase your IRR is to increase the demand for lots. Lumiere’s Smart Homes at Scale program drives demand for lots by offering three non-negotiables that homebuyers expect to find in every modern, master-planned community: fiber internet, smart home technology, and sustainability practices.

Fiber Internet

With an ever-growing population of remote workers, fiber (aka, blazing-fast) internet is no longer optional. Communities that fail to provide fiber internet as part of their infrastructure are at a serious disadvantage in the marketplace.

Smart Homes

Every modern home is a smart home. But smart home technology without proper planning, education and ongoing support for homeowners fails to be a compelling selling point and adds additional headaches for developers and home builders.


Sustainable communities command a premium. Homebuyers are motivated by sustainable solutions in their home and community. Solutions that enhance their lifestyle without compromising their values (or pocket books) are in high demand.

The three steps to turnkey execution

There are three steps to the turnkey process: design, construction, and support.

Through its cutting-edge Smart Homes at Scale program, Lumiere provides comprehensive solutions for every stage of master-planned communities — starting with design, moving forward with construction, and continuing with support and maintenance. 

Step 1: Design

We work with you to create a custom, sustainable smart-home plan that meets your needs. We also plan and form the key partnerships required for deployment of fiber internet in the community.

You’ll benefit from:

  • A simplified approach to sustainability planning
  • A tailor-made smart-home & fiber plan
  • A proven suite of sustainability programs

Step 2: Construction

We work with relevant stakeholders to install the fiber network that delivers internet to homes and ensure proper installation of smart-home technology packages and sustainability programs.

You’ll appreciate:

  • The focus on a positive homeowner experience
  • The ability to drive lot prices and demand by offering services that homebuyers really want

Step 3: Support

We work with homeowners after closing to ensure they have a great technology experience and understand the community’s sustainability programs. Their smart-home technology will be set up, working perfectly, and they’ll be trained on how to use it.

We provide: 

  • Homeowner onboarding & initial training
  • Ongoing white glove tech support to residents, taking the burden off home builders and developers

Experience the Lumiere difference

Leverage our extensive industry knowledge and partnerships to enjoy a turnkey experience for your fiber infrastructure, smart-home tech, and sustainability practices. That, mixed with a good old-fashioned work ethic, makes for a smooth and comprehensive process that is simply unmatched in the world of master-planned community development.

 In contrast, imagine assembling and managing multiple strategists and providers yourself. You might get similar results in one area or another, but you won’t find the same scope of service anywhere else in the world. Plus, managing all these aspects yourself can cause additional headaches you don’t have time for.

Let us simplify the process for you so you can stay focused on what you do best.

Lumiere at Sterling Ranch: A Proven Success

Lumiere has partnered with Sterling Ranch for its sustainability and technology programs since the planning stage, helping it to deliver blazing fast internet, reduce utility usage, and become the most sought-after community in the Denver-metro area.

Lumiere’s work continues to draw media attention to this cutting-edge community.

Setting the Bar For Lightning-Fast Internet

The extensive fiber network at Sterling Ranch surpasses local and even national standards, setting the bar for technology in new community developments. Thanks to a partnership with Lumiere, Residents at Sterling Ranch enjoy 8-gig speeds — nearly 40x faster than the national average.

More at CBS News Colorado

Pioneering Sustainability Practices

In partnership with Lumiere, Sterling Ranch is using smart technology to wisely manage water usage at its sprawling location south of Denver. Smart irrigation controllers and dual-water metering are among its tools to save money and resources for the residents of the community.

More at Denver Business Journal

Leading the Smart-Home Community Trend

Innovative communities look to solve problems through technology, a trend that is growing across the nation. Sterling Ranch is leading the way through its cutting-edge solutions, all anchored in blazing-fast fiber internet provided by Lumiere.

More at 

Word-of-mouth advertising from homeowners satisfied with Lumiere also serves to drive demand for exceptional communities like Sterling Ranch.

On Sustainability Programs

“Thank you for putting this information together and sharing these resources with the community. I’m happy to see this focus on energy and sustainability.”

– Michael Y.
Sterling Ranch Homeowner

On Fiber Internet

“The technology, obviously, was a huge part of our decision. Every house gets one-gig internet, and that’s nothing we’ve ever experienced before.”

– Tyson H.
Sterling Ranch Homeowner

On Smart Home Support

I really appreciated Dustin. He was very patient. He took the time to show me how to use the technology. Thanks for having such a great employee.

– JoAnn J.
Sterling Ranch Homeowner

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